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DR. AZITA NAHAI is a Kundalini yogi, scholar, speaker, and therapist. Her professional and doctoral research over the past fifteen years has uncovered and supported the use of Kundalini yoga and meditation as a valuable therapeutic modality in trauma recovery, and a life toolset for personal growth and transformation. She practices privately in Los Angeles. Visit Dr. Nahai's website. (9/13/14; new show 3/5/17 Dr. Connie Corley)

DR. ANNABELLE NELSON has a lifelong passion for understanding how humans learn.  She has practiced yoga, meditation, imagery, and storytelling, all in her quest to allow the spirit within to be unleashed to move into health and happiness. Nelson holds a Ph.D. from the University of Kansas in Developmental and Child Psychology, is a Professor at Fielding Graduate University, and is the founder of the WHEEL Council:  WHEEL stands for Wholistic, Health, Education and Empowerment for Life. Her work in diverse urban communities, Indian Nations, and teaching in India (where she was a Fulbright scholar) led her to create a multicultural learning model, documented in her book, The Learning Wheel. Learn more at (9/6/15 Dr. Connie Corley)

MARK NEPO moved and inspired readers and seekers all over the world with his #1 New York Times best seller, The Book of Awakening. Beloved as a poet, teacher, and storyteller, Mark has been called “one of the finest spiritual guides of our time,” “a consummate storyteller,” and “an eloquent spiritual teacher.”  Mark devotes his writing and teaching to the journey of inner transformation and the life of relationship. A bestselling author, he has published sixteen books and recorded eleven audio projects. He continues to offer readings, lectures, and retreats. Please visit Mark at:,, and (7/5/15 and  12/6/15 Dr. Connie Corley)

MARGARET L. (MEG) NEWHOUSE, Passion & Purpose LifeCrafting, Weston, MA – Meg is the founder of Life Planning Network, a community of professionals practicing/promoting holistic planning for the second half of life; a founding member of CEN; and the author of Legacies of the Heart: Living a Life That Matters (2016). She is an independent educator, certified life coach, consultant, presenter and author, specializing in vision and values-based life crafting for the post-midlife “bonus years.”  The current focus of her workshops and writing is legacy. This work has intensified her professional and personal engagement in conscious elderhood/sage-ing, with its potential for transforming our society. Learn more at and at (10/2/16 Dr. Connie Corley)

DAVID NEWMAN is a renowned kirtan chant artist, sacred singer-songwriter, best-selling author, and inspirational teacher. David, also known as Durga Das, travels extensively sharing his music, and teachings on the path of love as a vehicle for spiritual awakening. He has released numerous CDs, and is the author of The Timebound Traveler. David is also the founder of the Stay Strong Project and Yoga On Main. Visit his website at (8/9/15, Dr. Connie Corley)

IRMA BESERRA NUNEZ was honored as 2012 Pioneer Women of the Year by the L.A. Commission on the Status of Women. Since 2007, she has worked to save Adult Education programs. In 1992-2007, Irma and her partner Don Juan aka Johnny D. González (internationally acclaimed Chicano artist and muralist) launched their statewide New Barrio Lifestyle Campaign™ Cultural Arts Educational Program with a 300 piece Chicano/Mexicano/Latino & Multicultural Traveling Art Gallery™ Collection that traveled throughout California with their live stage production, titled The Birth of Our Art,™. (1/19/13, Dr. Connie Corley)

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