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CHRIS FARRELL is economics editor of Marketplace Money, a nationally syndicated weekly personal finance show on NPR, and economics correspondent for Marketplace, the largest business program in broadcasting. He is contributing economics editor at Business Week magazine and author of the books Right on the Money and Deflation. Tim Carpenter talks to Chris Farell about his newest book, Unretirement, about the changing face of work as we get older. (11/15/14, Tim Carpenter)

While raising her family in the '60’s and 70’s, BARBARA FAY committed her energies to a variety of volunteer opportunities. Those decades of experience helped her learn to resolve conflicts and develop professional skills which she puts to good use now as a community organizer, resident editor of the newsletter, and director of the Reader’s Theatre troupe. (4/10/15 Helene Weinberg)

 ZEV FELDMAN is Executive Vice President & General Manager at Resonance Records in Beverly Hills, Ca, where he’s  responsible for content acquisition and A&R, overseeing countless historical jazz recording productions, including the 2012 releases, Wes Montgomery’s Echoes of Indiana Avenue, and Bill Evans’ Live at Top of The Gate which, combined, sold over 60,000 copies world-wide. Recently, Feldman has adopted the title, “The Jazz Detective,” while he has scoured the corners of the world finding rare and previously unreleased jazz recordings from some of the biggest names in jazz history, including John Coltrane, Wes Montgomery, Bill Evans, and countless others. Learn more here. (4/2/17 Dr. Connie Corley)

For 25 years, GARY FERGUSON and his wife, Jane, roamed the Rockies, working as naturalists, he as a writer, she as a teacher. But in 2005, on a canoe trip, Jane drowned. Ferguson turned to what he knew to recover from his heartbreak, writing The Carry Home: Lessons from the American Wilderness. The memoir chronicles his journey to spread Jane’s ashes in her five favorite wild places, all in the Rocky Mountains. (1/31/15, Tim Carpenter)

LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI, legendary poet; Beat Generation publisher; political activist; and co-owner of City Lights, one of the most celebrated independent book stores in America, celebrated his 98th birthday on 3/24/17.  A Coney Island of the Mind, a modern classic, was Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s landmark second volume of poetry, and probably his most beloved. It contains some of Ferlinghetti’s most famous poems, such as “I Am Waiting” and “Junkman’s Obbligato”, which were created for jazz accompaniment. There are approximately a million copies in print, and the book has been translated into over a dozen languages. Read more about Lawrence Ferlinghetti, our national treasure, here. (4/9/17 Tim Carpenter)

CARLA FERNANDEZ and LENNON FLOWERS founded The Dinner Party, a community of men and women who have each experienced significant loss--a parent, a sibling, a partner--and come together over potluck dinner parties to talk about loss. Dinner Party circles in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Baltimore, and New York City, explore the way loss continues to affect our relationships, work, and aspirations. Tim Carpenter talks to Carla Fernandez and Lennon Flowers about the art of death and dining. (1/18/14, Tim Carpenter)

BOB FITZGERALD, Senior Fitness Specialist - Bob had a history of childhood illnesses that made him frail and weak. That changed dramatically when he began weight-training in the late 1940s. He went on to be a professional wrestler, then continued working out and coaching other athletes and sports teams on strength and flexibility. He's certified by many professional organizations, including AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America), and NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine). Today, Bob, now 80+ years old and still in excellent condition, specializes in working with older adults, offering motivational presentations and classes for groups and individuals. (4/5/14, 8/13/17 Cynthia Friedlob) 

MICHAEL C FORD, a legendary voice on the LA poetry scene, has produced a steady stream of print and recorded product since 1970. His debut spoken word vinyl “Language Commando” earned a Grammy nomination in 1986 and his book of Selected Poems entitled “Emergency Exits” was honored with a 1998 Pulitzer Prize nomination. Michael’s new record, “Michael C Ford – Look Each Other in the Ears”, featuring The Doors members Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger and John Densmore, can be found at Learn more at (9/13/15 Tim Carpenter).

S. DAVID FREEMAN is a senior advisor with Friends of the Earth’s nuclear campaign. He has more than four decades of experience directing federal, regional and local energy policies. David is a renowned expert on clean energy, efficiency and the risks of nuclear power. He wrote Energy: The New Era in 1974, and Winning Our Energy Independence: An Energy Insider Shows How in 2007. Learn more here. (9/20/14 Tim Carpenter) 

AMY FRIEDMAN is a writer and teacher. Her books include Kick the Dog and Shoot the Cat and Nothing Sacred: A Conversation with Feminism. She teaches memoir writing at UCLA, Skirball Cultural Arts Center, Idyllwild School of the Arts and PEN USA. She writes the internationally syndicated column "Tell Me A Story." Her new memoir is Desperado’s Wife. More here. (2/2/13, Tim Carpenter)

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