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ADAM DAVIS became Managing Director of Productions for the Los Angeles County Arts Commission in the spring of 2006. In that capacity he serves as producer of the annual three-hour Los Angeles County Holiday Celebration at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion of the Music Center, and of the live broadcast of that show on PBS SoCal (KOCE). He also directs a year-round music program that funds more than 60 free concerts in public sites each year. In November 2006, he took on an additional role with the Arts Commission assuming the post of Managing Director of the John Anson Ford Theatres, where he oversees an eclectic summer season of culturally diverse music, dance, theater, film and family events. A graduate of Principia College with a degree in theater, Adam Davis previously held managerial positions at the San Diego Repertory Theatre, the La Jolla Playhouse and the Pepperdine University theaters. Adam talks about the annual LA County Holiday Arts Celebration. (12/20/14 Cynthia Friedlob)

SAM DAWSON is a founding partner of Impact Giving, a woman’s collective philanthropic organization, and the creator of Sam’s Salon, a bi-monthly gathering of women. Her new book is "Broad Appeal: Wit and Wisdom from Women Ages 60 to 90." More about Sam and her book here. (5/4/13, Tim Carpenter) 

DONNA DeLORY has become one of the reigning queens of world devotional music. Before dedicating her life to singing sacred mantras and lyrics of spiritual aspiration, De Lory traveled the globe for 20 years as a backup singer and dancer for Madonna, appearing in the documentary film "Truth or Dare" and on stage with the pop icon during numerous legendary tours. De Lory’s own music combines sparkling pop savvy with a deeply felt sense of spirituality, embracing styles as diverse as Celtic, Middle Eastern, Indian classical and contemporary electronica. More at (8/9/15, Dr. Connie Corley)

CAROL JEAN DELMAR is the author of Serenade: A Memoir of Music and Love from Vienna and Prague to Los Angeles, 1927 to World War II to 2012, which is a Holocaust love story about her parents' immigration to the United States and her father’s change of professions from opera singer to award-winning costumer and designer on many Hollywood motion pictures and television series. Carol Jean is a former staff writer for the Los Angeles Daily News and has freelanced stories for the L.A.Times, Classical Singer magazine, and other publications. More at:, and (6/7/14, John Semper Jr.) 

GEORGE DUKE was a singer, and a piano and synthesizer pioneer. A multiple Grammy winner, his work spanned numerous genres as a recording artist, composer, record producer, professor of music, and music director. As a tribute to his late wife, Duke created the album DreamWeaver, which was released in July, just three weeks before his untimely death on August 5th. Read more in his LA Times obituary and visit (4/23/11 Pt.1, 4/30/11 Pt.2, Bobbee Zeno)

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